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Child Care

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Whether you're a single parent or a family in which both the mother and father work, child care can be an important issue when deciding what to do with your children while away. Being knowledgeable and being able to ask the right questions can help provide you with what you need to make the best decision.

Finding Child Care

If you live near family you may be fortunate enough to have one of them take care of your child while at work. But what if you have no family near you and need to look into other means of child care? Other options may include in home day care and daycare centers. Asking friends, co workers, or neighbors can be a good way to get recommendations when beginning your searching process. Call and make appointments to see the facilities and meet the staff. You can learn a lot by seeing and talking to people in person. Below we will look at the different types of child care as well as questions you might be asked as well as important questions you may want information on.

In Home Child Care

In home child care can include someone coming to your house and watching your child or you dropping your child off at someone else's house. This could be a family member or someone with a licensed in home daycare. Since having a family member watch your child can be easier to set up, we will look more at having a non family member come over or taking your child to an in house daycare.

Here are some questions you can use when looking into an in house daycare.

"How long have you been running a daycare?"
"Are you licensed?"
"What hours are you available?"
"What if I am late picking up or dropping off?"
"How much do you charge?"
"Do you have some references?"
"Are you certified in child CPR?"
"What is the ratio of children to teacher?"
"How do you discipline a child?"
"Do you have the children nap?"
"How many and what are the ages of the children you're currently looking after?"
"Are the children separated by age group?"
"What is your curriculum?"

By asking these and other questions that may pertain to your individual circumstances you will learn a lot about whether or not this daycare will work for you.

Below are some questions that you might be asked when looking into an in house daycare.

"Has your child ever been to a daycare before?"
"Does your child have any allergies?"
"Does your child have any special needs?"
"What is your child's feeding schedule?"
"What is your child's nap schedule?"
"How do you discipline at home?"

If you are asked any of these questions just answer them to the best of your knowledge. Providing good information about your child can help with the transition.

Day Care Centers

Day Care Centers are much like a school that a wide variety of children can attend. From babies to older children, daycares can vary in their prices, age ranges and curriculum. When making a decision on which Day Care Centers to use it is important to research them and what they have to offer. The questions listed for In-Home daycare are virtually the same for Day Care Centers as are the questions you might be asked. Just be prepared and make choices that you feel comfortable with.

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