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Your improved page is sensational, even though it was 100% helpful before. Thanks to your good work, I got to a stage where I can talk about almost anything !


Thank you very much Steve. Your website is so helpful. I have been studying English in a long time but I don't have any opportunity to study in English-speaking countries, so I still can't speak naturally even though I know a lot of vocabulary and grammar rules. I think there are alot alot of people who are in the same situation. Thanks to you, now we can master our speaking skills at home without having to go to US or GB . Thanks again. Best wishes to you.


Actually I wanna say congratulation! This new website helps my ESL students very much . It is very successful and I can use it in a very simple way . I wish more and more successes in the future.
With my cordial regards,

-Dr. Rashed Khawaldeh

Thank you for your Interview English Lessons. I am finding a new job and I found your website when i was trying to find the instruction to answer some questions in Interview. Your lessons is very helpful and that's all things i need . Thanks your very much.


I find your methods very effective Steve thank you soo much


I was happy 3 months ago when I find Today i am HAPPY HAPPY because I meet an American and I was able to have conversation for 20 minutes . I feel so good now! Thank you talkenglish!!!


I found this site very helpful for a beginner like me to learn a new language. After a number of English Learning Site I has gone to, This is by far the best . I have actually learned a lot since i found out your site. Its very easy to use and really fun to learn . From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say Thank Steve for creating such an incredible website. God bless you!


Your tutorial is brilliant and your approach towards talking english fluently, is different and scientific. I love it .


I'm a new student. I think is very helpful for English learners , I want to improve my English, especially oral level. I come here every evening since I found it. You're busy at work but you always help everyone who needs help . Thank you for your help, you have a heart of gold.


I truly appreciate your work and I really hope you will be able to keep this site updated. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.


I studied English for 7 years and still couldn't speak English . I am so happy to find your site and your teaching method because it really helped me with my speaking . I can't thank you enough!


I want just to say thank you so much for this web site. I've signed in up few days ago and you can't imagine how much I learned !


I study many years trying to speak english. I think speaking is very difficult. But I want to tell you that you have good approach . I see best results from your method and I tried so many classes and read so many books. Maybe because I studied so much already I knew many words. But your method put my knowledge together and I can speak much better than before . I am not perfect yet, but I am happy that I can say things by myself .


hi steve, congratulations for the new version of talkenglish! amazing, instructions and lessons are very clear . spending a lot of time to this new lessons is quite difficult while you're working just to help us to be fluent in english. thank you very much and god bless!!! i know that everybody will enjoy to study coz its very interesting .


This site is simply GREAT!